Shared Delusion Index

Ordinals Index files pre-built by Greg

Index of /indexes/0.19/

These indexes were built with a pre-release of 0.19.0, but should work fine with the 0.19.0 release. They are missing the new "burn" charm due to the schema changing shortly before release. They were made using the --index-addresses flag.

index-0.19-with-847500.redb.gz.torrent             12-Jun-2024 12:46             1338838
index-0.19-with-850000.redb.gz.torrent             29-Jun-2024 23:22             1336374
index-0.19-without-847500.redb.gz.torrent          12-Jun-2024 12:50              459339
index-0.19-without-850000.redb.gz.torrent          29-Jun-2024 23:25              460855