Shared Delusion Index

Ordinals Index files pre-built by Greg

Index of /indexes/

There has been too much demand for these files. The server only had a 1 Gbps connection, and it wasn't able to keep up. So I switched from http downloads to torrent files. Use a torrent client such as uTorrent (Windows only) or Transmission (macOS, Windows and Linux) to download torrents, and please seed to help others download.

These files are compressed index.redb files from various versions of ord.

Uncompress after downloading, then replace existing index.redb file, or use --index to point to the new file.

0.08/                                              13-Apr-2024 00:13                   -
0.15/                                              30-Jun-2024 09:01                   -
0.16/                                              17-May-2024 13:03                   -
0.17/                                              17-May-2024 13:03                   -
0.18/                                              30-Jun-2024 09:01                   -
0.19/                                              13-Jul-2024 02:43                   -