Shared Delusion Index

Ordinals Index files pre-built by Greg

Index of /indexes/0.17/

The 'with' and 'without' refer to the --index-sats index. All indexes have inscriptions and runes indexed.

Uncompress the file and either replace your old index.redb or use the --index flag to point to the new file.

Uncompressed sizes: 190,927,966,208 with, 71,619,035,136 without.

test-networks/                                     13-Apr-2024 00:13                   -
index-0.17-with-842000.redb.gz.torrent             05-May-2024 14:53              817232
index-0.17-without-842000.redb.gz.torrent          05-May-2024 14:54              253475